Because you are unique. 

Your set-point is the weight at which your body naturally stabilizes.
A lifetime of experience including sleep habits, nutrition, stress control, activity level, and much more, as well as your genetic make-up, has had an impact on your body’s set-point. And this set-point is not easily changed.
Have you thought about how your weight just seems to “creep up?” Well, it’s true. The way your body’s set-point changes is through a gradual, persistent pattern of behaviors. It’s not that Thanksgiving dinner or the weekend binge of your favorite foods that ups your natural set-point, but your regular diet, activity level, and lifestyle that contributes to the creeping pounds.
Slow, consistent weight loss fueled by changes involving diet and physical activity; changes that you are willing to incorporate into your lifestyle on an ongoing basis, will help you to change your natural set-point.
Our exclusive Change-O-Meter™ works like a compass to help you navigate a course to a happier, healthier, and active lifestyle.

True, sustainable weight loss happens when you successfully adjust your body’s set-point.


Our scales do not show numbers and can be placed in large traffic areas.

Frequent self-weighing is scientifically proven to collaborate with weight loss.  Our scales and our app are very easy to use.

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