Losing weight eating pizza. Is that possible?

January 29, 2018

Well it is if you do not it every day a large quantity. Remember that the main cause our weight gain is the fact that we are eating more than we need and expending less than we need too.

Pizza is a delicious thing, but has a lot of calories that will be transformed in fat. Fat, by the way, has a lot of important "jobs" in our body. This jobs are related mainly with our movements and exercises, so if your are not a active person, you tend to accumulate more fat. But how to know the adequate quantity?

That is the hard question because our metabolismo relies in many many activities making us unique, therefore each person has a natural way to deal with pizza as a food.

Our tool can help people to realize if their effort to lose weight is actually working, if you eat pizza on Wednesday you weight will not change so much, but if you eat Thursday, and Friday, clearly your weight trend will change.

Start to use our tool and see that you can control your weight in a easy way :)




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