FAQ: What does the scale do?

January 26, 2018


My Easy Weight helps individuals with weight management (loss, gain, or maintenance) by providing a number of tools:

  • A Numberless Scale

    • Helping those who do not track their weight out of aversion for the scale

      • It has been proven that self-management and tracking does help individuals reach their goals.

  • My Easy Weight uses our science based, MD created algorithm to measure weight as a range and not just a single number

    • The algorithm takes the ‘noise’ of water fluctuation out of weight management, leaving individuals with a clear image of how their weight loss trend looks (via our mobile application)

  • Our algorithm projects individuals weight trend 2 weeks into the future

    • This allows individuals to easily determine if their current exercise and diet program are helping them towards their goal. If not, they know when to adjust their program

  • Notify individuals if they are adequately hydrated

    • Staying hydrated is an often overlooked, simple strategy to help lose weight, improve physical output, and cognitive function.

      • The scale will notify users if they have drank enough water while exercising. If not, a message will appear will how many ounces need to be taken in throughout the rest of the day.

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