Technology teaches weight loss pace

January 25, 2018

Our objective is to reduce stress and frustration of weight loss process. See numbers when you step on the scales is one of this "stress factors", so why do we need to see numbers?

What we need to know is our trend, and that is what our technology does.

WOA System™ can help you to realize the results of your effort. Sometimes we are following restrictive diets that are very hard to follow, and our scales can show good results in the beginning until we reach a kind of "plateau". Than we have the feeling that our diet is not working anymore, and than, normally, two things happen: one, people give up, or two, people stop to step on the scales.

Using our technology we will know in advance if we are doing a good job with our actual diet.


Our algorithm will help you to know if you are on the right way to lose weight. Unfortunately our weight loss is slower than we want, but it need to be constant.The idea is to lose weight and do not find it again, am I right?




Hope you can participate in our free trials. Just access our page -> My weight trend <-

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