Weight management can save lives and improves health

February 12, 2016

Our technology “learns” an individual’s weight oscillations, calculates the individual’s weight dynamic range and reveals this range two weeks in advance. This information can make health care professionals anticipate and avoid complications related to many different health problems. Therefore, WOA System™ improves health, saves lives and significantly reduces the US$ 2 billion costs related to these complications.

The core of our technology is an algorithm that is capable of revealing the unique weight trend that each individual has. Everything started because I was trying to answer the often-repeated question asked by almost every patient in my office: “How much will I weigh next week if I change my diet today?”  I started my research by applying one of many Human Physiology secrets, the biodynamic of functions. For example when we start to run, our heart needs three seconds on average to react and increase the heart beat, our blood pressure needs around three minutes to adapt to this run. Our weight has something similar, besides the daily oscillation. Human weight has a set point that constantly (and slowly) changes. Our technology warns people weeks in advance that their set point is changing. , If well applied, it will collaborate to improve public health.



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