There’s No Such Thing As Healthy Obesity, Says Study

February 10, 2016


An article wrote in April 30, 2014, but still very actual.

Obesity is a "medical situation", let me use this term, where human body is over stress carrying more fat than "usual". For "usual", we can understand: human body purpose. We were not "designed" to carry so much weight, and sorry to say that, is also not the evolution!

Obesity is a problem that need to be solve!


Read this article, it is very interesting.


There’s a persistent and controversial question dividing researchers: Can you can be very overweight and also very healthy? The research suggesting people can be healthy at any size was intriguing, and we covered it. But the tide (and the research that supports it) is turning, with many researchers saying it’s simply not possible to be fit and obese.

Today, a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that looked at 14,828 metabolically healthy Korean adults with no known heart disease found obese people had a higher prevalence of early plaque buildup in the arteries compared to normal weight people. The researchers defined obesity in the study as a BMI over 25; in the U.S. obesity is defined as a BMI over 35. The researchers conclude that even though these people may not have heart-related disease yet, their weight is still taking its toll on their health. “Obese individuals who are considered ‘healthy’ because they don’t currently have heart disease risk factors, should not be assumed healthy by their doctors,” said study author Dr. Yoosoo Chang, MD, a professor...

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