Can one number represent our weight?

February 10, 2016


We cannot consider human weight to be just one number a day. I’m trying to say that a human’s weight is something alive (literally!), something that expands and shrinks all the time. Every minute something is happening in your body that changes your total mass weight. So, why do we need to consider just one number as our weight?

Let’s prove this fact. You be the scientist here. Take an old scale and step on it, with clothes and everything, every 30 minutes for the next eight hours.  Note the results in a table, and done! You will see different measurements. Am I right?

Probably you went to bathroom, or drank some water (I hope!), or ate a piece of fruit.  These activities make it easy to understand the changes in your weight. Let’s try another experience. Tonight we will measure you again. You don’t need to wake every hour to measure yourself, just before and after you sleep. Probably your weight in the morning is lower than before. Now it’s starting to be difficult to explain why your weight changed. What happened? Well, if your mattress was wet when you woke up, it is easy to explain, but if it was not, you can realize that to be alive you consume some mass.

It is clear that one number a day does not represent our weight. Apparently, human weight is something that behaves as a frequency. Our weight oscillates during the day, during the night, during the period that we are alive! Then I ask again, “Why do we consider human weight to be just one number?”

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