It is not about numbers!

Sinque is a tool to help you to validate your effort to get a healthier weight without the stress of numbers.
Sinque learns your natural weight fluctuation and help you to validate your effort to get healthier.
Instead the frustration with numbers, you monitor 
your future weight range - two weeks in the future.

Starting a new habit

Place you home monitor where you can easy access. The best way to use Sinque is to step on our monitors every day!
If you do that Sinque algorithms will have more data and therefore be more accurate and you will start your change with a new habit!

The initial weeks 

First and second week Sinque will show that you are maintaining weight. During this period Sinque is learning about your natural weight fluctuation.
You can see your numbers if you want and see that Sinque is creating you real weight range on this week.
Your goals these weeks should have focus on the new habit to step on our weight monitor and the adaptation to your new diet and exercise patterns.

Validating your program

After the second week Sinque will point where your weight is going.
Note! Lose weight fast is not helpful at all!
So, if you lose weight one or two weeks in a row, after that will be clever to maintain the new weight.
Use Sinque to lose and to maintain your weight in a healthy place :)


Please send me your questions, and I will answer in an email to you.