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My Easy Weight

We have designed a numberless weight management solution

Because numbers do not tell the whole story

My Easy Weight is here to help you track your health, with less stress & anxiety, while being 100% back by physiological and behavioral science.


We have a unique numberless weight management solution based on artificial intelligence and medical science that takes the guesswork out of your weight fluctuation to help you track, control, and learn your weight trend

Getting Started

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After downloading the My Easy Weight app onto your phone, you are ready to start your journey.

It is crucial for you to step onto the scales at least three times a week

The action of stepping on the scale frequently will not only help create a more effective AI based on your specific weight fluctuations, but it also helps to form new habits.

Our AI identifies personal weight fluctuations  and is able to forecast your weight trend 2 weeks into the future - you will know, in real time, if your current diet and exercise is helping you reach your goal, or if it needs to be changed.

Our scales don't show numbers, so what do you see?

My Easy Weight takes the guesswork & frustration out of your weight fluctuations!

Instead of numbers, you will see your weight trend on the dashboard of your app.


You will know if you are gaining, maintaining, or losing weight without the anxiety or frustration of your daily weight fluctuations.

Using your weight trend verse a single number

Individual weight fluctuates vastly through the day; the fluctuations we see is the water consumption that is associated with all metabolic events happening in our body (i.e. digestion). Because of this, it is difficult to see how much weight we are truly losing.

To account for this, our AI learns your weight flucuations and eliminates this 'noise', leaving you with your true weight trend

Get to know the app

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When you are not at work, you can still input weights manually

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If you want to view your numbers (weight & BMI), you will need to visit this page

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My Easy Weight

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