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My Easy Weight takes the guesswork & frustration out of your weight fluctuations!

Instead of numbers, you will see your weight trend on the dashboard of your app.


You will know if you are gaining, maintaining, or losing weight without the anxiety or frustration of your daily weight fluctuations.

My Easy Weight is here to help you track your weight, with less stress & anxiety, while being 100% back by physiological and behavioral science, and preserving your privacy. Rice Lake Weighing Systems management DO NOT have access to your personal data in any moment of this process.

Getting Started

Our goal is to make you to step on the scale frequently. A simple behavior change that will make you understand your weight fluctuation. Using our application

you will see that small changes collaborate with your health!

We would love to compare you today, before using our tool, with you three months from now.

This simple survey will show the impact of our solution in your behavior.

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