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Sinque supports people in getting a real validation

People are measuring weight with wrong tools what causes confrontation with numbers and frustration with  results .
Sinque gets  the true validation to our users  keep going with their efforts!
One number don't represent our weight, that's why we  track the natural weight fluctuation to forecast the weight range.
Why a forecast? It’s motivating! When your clients see their own weight trend in two weeks, it makes feel them accountable for their journey towards that goal.

Continue engaging your clients

Sinque is a solid step towards new behavior. It requires a commitment, but one that is realistic and honest. Your clients feel dedicated to their journey because of the validation they get from sinque. Our weight tracker really shows that the effort your clients commit to, is really working. Validation is motivating!

The impact of wellness programs on population health, seen in real time

Our unique process reveals the impact of health promotion and disease prevention programs in real time.  It is scientifically proven that when people start changing their behavior, their natural fluctuation pattern is influenced and ultimately, the total body weight changes. Sinque population reports show population BMI distribution. The report compares results between subgroups of people who changed their behavior and other subgroups who didn’t.

Sinque works together with your actual solution

Sinque can be adapted to many environments. It’s as simple as putting a monitor in a place, downloading the app, and letting people try it out!

A complete proposition with multiple touch points

Sinque APP

Home Monitors

Commercial monitors

Data analytics

Communication packages

Use science to explain health, in a  accessible manner

We’re serious about the scientific validation of our sinque solution. We develop our algorithms based on medical science and are constantly working with universities to improve our solution. This sets us apart from many players in the wellness market and we’d like to keep it this way.
Interested? Visit our LUMC research page  and participate in one of our current studies (Dutch only).

Calculate sinque impact in your business, for free

Start with a 30-day free trial and see where it leads.  Simply install one of our commercial weight monitors in your business, activate our communication package and start sinquing!
After the free trial period, our reports will reveal the positive impact sinque has on your business. You will see the difference looking at behavior change in a population with real and concrete numbers. If you wish to continue working with sinque, packages start at as low as €120 per month. 
Sinque is a solution with focus on revenues and ROI for fitness, wellness and health promotion programs.

Learn how sinque will improve your business results

What is your business related to
Do you know the percentual of obese and overweight people in your population?
Do you have information in real time about your population's health?
Do you know the relation between BMI and healthcare costs?

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