One number should not discourage you



Take the guesswork out

Every time you step on the scale, is it like a lottery with unexpected numbers?


This is because your weight fluctuates every hour. Flucuation brings confusion, anxiety, and frustration with the numbers that scales are showing.

Our A.I. process takes the guesswork out of your daily weight fluctuations, leaving you with your true weight trend.


Innovative, numberless system
Without the scale numbers, our users step on our weight monitors more frequently which improves their weight loss and weight control results.
We reveal your real weight trend and not numbers, two weeks in advance!


Know your weight trend two weeks in the future

Realize if your diet and exercise program is helping you reach your goals in real time!

At fitness centers we help users control their dehydration. Because even with moderate dehydration athletes lose anaerobic power, and as much as a 30% decrease in their workload capacity. 

Download our APP and start to use the Change-O-Meter™ 

Whether you are trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight our meter can guide you.

The needle is revealing your weight trend two weeks in advance. If it is pointing in the wrong direction, you will have time to switch your diet and/or exercise routine.

As simple as that!  No calories to count, no calculations, just your weight.

Get to know our state of the art weight monitor.

Some exclusive health clubs and forward thinking workplace wellness programs are offering our solution.

These weight monitors do not show numbers, are private and simple to use.

Simple as stepping on a scale.

A 15 seconds interaction with our weight monitors is everything that you need to do. Simple like that!
No need to count calories, no other information needed. Download our APP and our A.I. will start to learn your individual weight fluctuation.

Our WiFi weight monitors collects your weight and remembers you about hydration. On the APP, you will see your weight trend - two weeks in the future!

We take the guesswork out of weight fluctuation and help you to track, control, and learn your weight trend and your dehydration.

Coming soon!

Numberless bathroom
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