Ending your frustration and guesswork with scale.
Our technology makes weight tracking effortless and numberless.

Using scientific insights, our solution "learns" with your weight fluctuation: the ups and downs of your weight during the day and over time.

Our free APP is simple to use. You don't need to count calories, log diet and exercises, or even see your numbers! You track your weight trend.

Following our Change-O-Meter™ you will learn if your current habits will make you lose, maintain, or gain weight in the next two weeks.

Our friendly and numberless Wi-Fi scales make the process to track weight easy & stressless.

It is a private and individual process. Our scales do not show numbers, you step on the scale with your clothes, and track your weight trend on your APP.

At your gym, after exercise, our scale will notify you if hydration levels are adequate

When exercising, an adult may lose around 64 ounces of water weight. Dehydration can impair weight loss goals and athletic performance.

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