You have a unique weight loss pace.


True, sustainable weight loss happens when you successfully adjust your body’s set-point.


Slow weight loss pace

Maintaining trend

Silent weight gain

Good weight loss pace

Slow, consistent weight loss fueled by changes involving diet and physical activity; changes that you are willing to incorporate into your lifestyle on an ongoing basis, will help you to change your natural set-point.
Our exclusive Change-O-Meter™ works like a compass to help you navigate a course to a happier, healthier, and active lifestyle.

Our scales do not show numbers and can be placed on large traffic areas.

A frequently self-weighing is proven to collaborate with weight loss.

Our scales and our APP are fast and very easy to use.

Just step on our scales and realize that to be healthy is easy and enjoyable.

Your set-point is the weight at which your body naturally stabilizes.
A lifetime of experience including sleep habits, nutrition, stress control, activity level, and much more, as well as your genetic make-up, has had an impact on your body’s set-point. And this set-point is not easily changed.
Have you thought about how your weight just seems to “creep up?” Well, it’s true. The way your body’s set-point changes is through a gradual, persistent pattern of behaviors. It’s not that Thanksgiving dinner or the weekend binge of your favorite foods that ups your natural set-point, but your regular diet, activity level, and lifestyle that contributes to the creeping pounds.

Our technology uses your body's unique rhythm and changing weight patterns to offer a new way to track your weight loss.

Using our tool, you'll see your current weight loss trend in real time and you'll see where your current weight loss efforts will take you two weeks in advance! 
This exclusive snapshot in time offers you the opportunity to adjust your efforts in order to reach your goals.
Your weight trend two weeks in advance
Weight Trend

Tracking your weight pound by pound is frustrating and unproductive.  It is hard to see your weight trend or understand your weight loss pace.

Many weight loss programs recommend weekly weighings to avoid having to see and explain the daily weight fluctuations. 

Weight loss experts understand that a person’s weight fluctuates greatly every day and that the numbers don’t reflect actual weight loss. Factors including nutrition, physical activity, sleep patterns, metabolism, bodily processes, and even your stress level all impact the numbers shown on a traditional scale. 

With My Easy Weight, however, daily weighing is recommended. And our technology helps you track your real weight trend!

"This all started because I was trying to answer a question asked by almost every patient in my office: “How much will I weigh next week if I change my diet today?”


We know that our weight changes almost every hour, sometimes 2 to 4 pounds a day! Therefore it was always hard to know if  someone was losing, maintaining or gaining weight. That's why I decided to develop this solution."

Renato Romani, MD MBA

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