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A unique numberless weight management solution based on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and medical science to take the guesswork out of weight fluctuation and reveal your current weight trend two weeks into the future!

Our free APP is simple to use. You don't need to count calories, log diet and exercises, or even see your numbers! You track your weight trend.

Take the guesswork out
We take the guesswork out of your daily weight fluctuations - know your true weight trend!
Tracking your weight trend eliminates your stress, frustration, and scale anxiety

Know your future weight trend

Our A.I. learns and reveals your weight trend 2 weeks into the future!

Know if your diet and exercise program is helping you reach your goals in real time & when you need to change your diet or exercise program

Never be dehydrated

We alert you when dehydrated and tell you exactly how many ounces you need after exercise

Staying hydrated facilitates weight loss, fitness performance, and cognitive performance

Simplifying weight management for a healthier you

Your body burns 5-10% fuel (calories) and 90-95% water throughout the day, known as your metabolism.

Our A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) learns the larger of the two main contents of energy consumption (water) and eliminates this ‘noise’ of water oscillation to provide users with their clear weight loss trend.

35% more people are stepping on the scale and 65% are losing weight

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